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Pro Tour on Dirt 4 PS4


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Hi all. I am scratching my head to this Pro Tour thing, pretty straight forward.. When you can find people to play with, but not.. It seems..
I get you need to get points to tier up but how does this work exactly?
I came 2nd in my first rally and got a point, bit harsh for just being 1 step off first place but still. The next rally I came 4th due to a very bad off into trees! It happens.. But it seemed to have reset my 1 whole point I gained before as well as getting nothing for the 2nd race so I start over from scratch.
Tbh I am only doing this for the trophy as I'm much more interested in career mode but if it requires constant and back to back wins I won't do it, would explain why its so unpopular and rare to find anyone to do it with.
Also Gogling it everyone says the trophy is glitched and to tier up for the trophy you need to get more than the required points not just say 1 if 1 is all you need. Is this still the case? As I assume 2 points require nothing less than the win due to my 2nd place only gaining 1 point?
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The number of points you get depends on the number of people in the lobby but in basic terms the top half of the field gain points and the bottom half lose points. So yes you have to get back to back good results to progress increase you rank. Basically it is a ranked mode and looks to rank fast drivers above slow drivers (but because there aren't many people playing it doesn't work very well).
So in a game lobby with 4 drivers: 1st gets +3, 2nd gets +1, 3rd gets -1 and 4th gets -3. Also you get -7 for quitting.

I actually really enjoy Pro Tour as it's where I've had my closest battles in DiRT 4, but I do feel for the occasional person I see who comes last 4 times in a row
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Yeah sounds nicely competitive but with the minus points it just won't ever work I don't think. Bad way to get racers involved, I'm only a mid racer anyway so it would be rare to get me a win unless I got only other regular racers on. Shame.

Thanks for the accurate info Monkeyman707.
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