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Why am I always at position 21 in the racenet challenges regardless of discipline ?

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Not correct. Yes, you always get only shown the 20 above and below you, but after the patch (at least on pc) the actual position you are in is shown correct. So if you're in pos. 521 you'll see the entries 501 to 541 with the correct numbers before it and not 1 to 41 with you on 21.
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Seemed to me that you meant that behaviour of the game was intentional, but guess I read that wrong. To me it mattered as I forgot to look at the times beforehand most times and then didn't know what time was needed to get to the top, which was annoying. So knowing you are on p5000 or p50 isn't unimportant to have an indicator on how much is still needed to reach the top. On pc there's racenet anyway, so the possibility to see the actual ranking is there, even if complicated. Guess you don't have that on ps3 (hardly use mine, only got it for gta5  :# ). 
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