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F1 2014 Russian Grand Prix @ Sochi

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I like how they were trying to genuinely make out as if Vettel is 2.7 slower

And now they are acting surprised that he was 11th. I'd rather be 11th than like 9th or 10th anyway, free tyre choice. But then his engine is on its last legs so...
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fIsince08 said:
mike96 said:
fIsince08 said:
There's a bit of a weird conspiracy going round that Kvyat was on Supersofts painted yellow to make him look good at home...
I thought you stopped following MonsieurF1?
It was Ted Kravitz!
Are you sure he wasn't joking? :p  Seriously, Pirelli should consider Supersofts and Softs for the 2015 race, especially if it's a night one.
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