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Dirt Rally 2 News


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I'm certain Chodemasters WILL bring out Dirt Rally 2 just so they can cash in on their greatest game yet. No VR support for Dirt 4 and no more support for Dirt Rally as they still haven't fixed the control config binding issue a lot of people are having.

Yes CHODEMASTERS have continually shown their true face as to just how greedy they are, I do love their games however to blatantly ignore the community who mind you without them they would be a glimmer on the end of Richard Burns exhaust pipe is just criminal. It is the people who purchase your games and support your endeavours that you should be aiming to please, not some corporate cash cow crunts whos degree in marketing =33!
If you cannot tell by now just how corrupt the gaming industry has become then I'm afraid they will just continue to milk us all dry. How much content has been released after Dirt Rally's launch? How many patches? Bugger all as they were focusing on Dirt 4. Dirt Rally will remain as it is a great game albeit broken by some truly annoying bugs (csl users and vr you hear? ) and Dirt 4 will remain an atrocious brown stain on the VR sim communitys white undies....
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Erm, you can hardly accuse them of being 'greedy'. Looking at the sales figures, I suspect DR DLC would have produced far better ROI than D4 has. They've certainly misread a zeitgeist more than once (DLC is now more culturally acceptable than when they were producing it for D3 and D4 seemed to half-chase multiple audiences rather than pleasing one), but certainly no more 'greedy' or otherwise than any other company, just because they didn't do what you may have wanted.

I think there's more to this D4 story than we know yet, but we'll have to wait and see what the team is working on for the future.
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DiRT 4 clearly has missed the mark, compared to DiRT Rally. From its release, I felt it was a bit too soon after DiRT Rally finished development. I have to say DiRT Rally left a much more positive impression in me than DiRT 4. I believe there is, as some people have suggested, experimentation going on. Maybe the higher-ups, in the company, needed to see for themselves that the traditional DiRT formula isn't quite what's in demand any more. I just want to see a new game, of the kind we like the most, announced this year.
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I would gladly pay for a Dirt Rally update containing the following:

New tracks / Locations
New Cars
UDP support
Buttonbox/keyboard support
Enhanced version for Xbox One X

I bought Dirt 4 and sold it again, because it just wasn't 'alive' and tense as Dirt Rally. Dirt Rally 2 would be nice, but an update would be just as good since Dirt Rally is the #1 racegame on Xbox.


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I just bought Dirt Rally a 2nd time, this time on PS4 rather than PC because the PS4 version is currently on sale and I want to play it on my big TV. I considered getting Dirt 4, but I read that its physics aren't as realistic, and the procedurally generated tracks aren't as beautiful and realistic as the ones in Dirt Rally.

I really hope that Codemasters are working on Dirt Rally 2, a first and foremost simulation, not an arcadey racer. 
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Hey codemasters! real fan here
For the next dirt rally, which would be nice:
- the return of the ghost mode in time trial. Not necessarily with the ghosts of the best (usually cheated), but with the ghost of our own best time. It exists in all simulation games (assetto corsa, raceroom, RF2, etc ...), and for me, it is the most essential to retain players and encourage them to improve.
- the return of head to head (H2H) which for me was really more fun than the rally-cross, especially in multi (dirt 1 to dirt 3).
- real tracks, or close to reality, possibly in both directions (in dirt rally it was not bad)
- a direct consultation of the leaderboard, as in any good simracing game
- and especially, and I know you have a lot of feedback from the last 2 games, considering the growing number of owners of steering wheel, a consistent physics of cars.
Thanks and good work
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some good points you say.
- About Head to Head, i must say it was a nice addition game mode in DiRT 3. You have a direct competitor like in RX, but they cant do unfair moves on you. So it could be a possible good online mode as well. Though it is difficult to have realistic tracks with these, except for special/spectator stages in WRC.

One new point I would like to add in the discussion, is bringing the engineer to a newer level. I know in MotoGP18 you can say to your engineer what problems you have with the bike and this will result in set-up changes applied by the engineer. So people who not really know what to do on a set-up will therefore not have a big disadvantage over the people who have a lot of set-up knowledge. 
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Malyngo said:
I was, (from what I hear here: one of the few) who liked the physics of Dirt 4. The cars just had much more a feeling of weight, not like the super light cars in Dirt Rally.

Granted, I never really drove a car at and over the limits in real life, so I am by no means an authority when it comes to realism. Only on snow with lots of space I drove my Impreza a bit rally like. But Dirt 4 just did feel right to me. Yeah, there is still much way to improve, I guess, but also, the feeling cannot be 100% realistic, because you also have to take into account that you don't get any "butt feeling", so the physics kinda have to work around that.

I also do think that lots of negativity towards Dirt 4 comes from the circumstance that people were already used to the feeling of Dirt Rally, and now the physics in Dirt 4 again felt different. (When Dirt Rally was new, people were all over how RBR was so much better)

Basically, to make absolutly everyone happy, they would have to add 3 modes: Gamer, Sim, and RBR.
Add me as one of the few who preferred D4!
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