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2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix


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Big news this weekend, as our very own Mexicola is set to become the new Formula 1 'Master of Ceremonies', starting this weekend with his own Michael Buffer style driver introductions, tailored especially for the Mexicolan fans!

Give us a shout out!
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hamilton: el crapo
vettel: el crapo
raikkonen: el guapo
bottas: el wato?                           
ricciardo: el badgo
verstappen: el cuto
ocon: el dieo
massa: el oldo
stroll: el improvo
hartley: el kiwio
gasly: el typhoono
hulkenburg: el overato
sainz: el hitmano
grosjean: el whino
magnussen: el c***o
alonso: el besto
vandoorne: el improvo numero dos
wehrlein: el screwedo
ericsson: el swedo

damas y caballeros
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I’m actually hoping Lewis stays 3rd, so we can watch the carnage between Max and Seb. I seem to have some sort of illness, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be celebrating if/when Hamilton wins the championship, still be drinking my beers though haha.
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