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This is the one area that id hoped codies would have made some changes (not shorter seasons!) but from whats been said it sounds the same as the last 4 years :( Ive been watching alot of gameplay vids on youtube by fisi, aarava, zafro, and ben and they are imo up there with the quickest drivers (not zafro, soz m8) and they all seem to be on level pace with the legend AI this year :) If they cant win in a ferrari or red bull then I know I aint got a chance lol! This alone imo will make carrer much more exiting as the AI do look very good this year at racing wheel to wheel and at the end of the day thats mostly what Im after in a racing game, a good race! seeing the first vids where all assists were on it looked like nothing had changed with the handling but after watching these guys run no assists the car looks ALIVE this year :) they look harder to drive than the turbo's in 13 which is exactly as they should be (a challenge) Those reasons are enough for me to be counting down the days now till I get it thursday, just got to decide what team im going to drive for now!
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