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F1 2014 Exclusive Gameplay:- 50% Race Weekend Livestream On YouTube Tonight 8.30PM BST

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Hey Guys Will Be Streaming At 20.30pm BST on my YouTube channel on F1 2014 Looking At 50% Races Focussing On The Tyre Wear Aspects.

If Anyone Has A Track Recommendation Post It On Here Or In The Video.

Here Is The Link


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RyanL83 said:
Greed3789 said:
Hi, will this be available on your channel later on? Would like to know about tyre wear but the football is on
Once the stream finishes, it will get processed and available straight after. The benefits of youtube streams :) 
As if anyone would deny themselves the various benefits of youtube views, recently prompted via CM forums or otherwise.
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Looks fun to drive in the wet, just as the previous games were. The problem is the ai are so fast in the wet its unbeleivable, for us to be quick in the wet we have to run high wing, yet the ai are magically quick in the dry and wet with the same set up!

Also, one of my biggest gripes with 2013 was the spaced out results. Below are the official results from this years race in austria, Alonso was just 18 seconds behind the winner, yet on this game footage  he finished in the same position but 1:18 seconds behind the leader! Same old problem as last year, I was hoping since they weren't spending time on things like classic content they would try to fix gameplay things like this but it seems not.
By the end of the race all the cars are spaced out by 20 seconds a lot of the time.
Would make the racing so much more exciting if the guy ahead wasn't 20 seconds ahead, you would have thought a game would want to be more exciting not less??

Race results - 2014 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Pos.  Driver Team Time
1.  N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:27:54.976
2.  L. Hamilton Mercedes +1.932
3.  V. Bottas Williams +8.172 +6.240
4.  F. Massa Williams +17.358 +9.186
5.  F. Alonso Ferrari +18.553 +1.195
6.  S. Perez Force India +28.546 +9.993
7.  K. Magnussen McLaren +32.031 +3.485
8.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull +43.522 +11.491
9.  N. Hulkenberg Force India +44.137 +0.615
10.  K. Raikkonen Ferrari +47.777 +3.640
11.  J. Button McLaren +50.966 +3.189
12.  P. Maldonado Lotus +1 Lap
13.  A. Sutil Sauber +1 Lap

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