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Telemetry, timing and dashboard displays missing from HUD in career mode.

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I have encountered a frustrating issue which has appeared since the last patch update about two weeks ago. I have only encountered this in career mode as this is where I spend most of my time, but here is what happens. I start a session, and whithin a few seconds of the said session starting, with me sitting in the pit garage or on the starting grid, the screen brightness flickers to dark like if somebody flicked a light switch on and off. After this happens, and I run on track, I have no HUD whatsoever, the timing portion, the track map, the vehicle telemetry and settings on screen and also on sometimes on the vehicle’s onboard display as well as the practice programs progress bars will not come up. I have tried saving and exiting, shutting down game and restarting, shutting down console and restarting, and rejoining session and everything stays the same. Only if I finish off paractice or race session and moving on to next session will it then revert to normal, and then issue might reappear in current or subsequent sessions. It is frustrating as I can not see timings, tire wear and temps and do track adjustments to fuel and chassis. I am running Xbox one F1 2017 with version 1.9

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