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F1 2014 patch&DLC wish list!

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・Change Tier(patch)

Williams Tier2→Tier1

Toro rosso Tier3→Tier2

Tier1:Mercedes,Red bull,Williams,Ferrari

Tier2:Mclaren,Force India,Toro rosso



・Safety car start in 25%~100% distance(Patch)

After Red flag(like British)&Heavy Wet(like Japan)

Deploy only 1 lap.



Mexico City

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DLC: all tracks from previous CM F1 games (Istanbul, Nurburgring, India, Korea, Valencia, Jerez, Brands Hatch, Imola, Estoril). CM already has data for all those tracks, afaik licensing tracks is easier & cheaper than licensing cars and drivers, having those extra tracks would add considerable replay value to the game.
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Although it's unlikely they'll do DLC for this game going by their past games, I would like to see all the old tracks from previous games as well. I agree with the OP's new tier changes but I'd add give Mercedes their own tier above the others. (Although I'm saying that without playing the game and seeing what the tiers actually are).
Previous drivers from the series helmets such as Webber, Schumacher, Heidfeld, Kubica would be nice too.
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