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KFF Season 3 

Platform PS3
Race Night - Mondays 9pm GMT 

Race Settings
  • 100% Race Distance
  • 15 Minute Qualifying
  • Parc Ferme On
  • Cars will be set to 2013 Performance
  • Dynamic Weather
  • 'Reduced' Rules
  • Safety Car ENABLED
  • Brake Assist BANNED
  • Anti-Lock Brakes BANNED
  • Traction Control BANNED
  • Racing Line PERMITTED
  • Pit Assist BANNED
Car Allocation
  • Cars will be allocated based on pre-season testing
  • Cars are NOT set for the season and will be fairly re-assigned depending on results
  • Performance will be assessed every 3 races with regards to re-allocation of cars
  • Unequal performance cars is not meant to make the slowest drivers finish 1st and the fastest drivers finish last, it is there to make the racing closer and more exciting


Round 1: Australia 19th May
Round 2: Malaysia 26th May
Round 3: China 2nd June
Round 4: Bahrain 9th June
Round 5: Europe (Jerez) 16th June
Round 6: Spain 23rd June
Round 7: Monaco 30th June
Round 8: Canada 7th July
Round 9: England (Brands Hatch) 14th July
Round 10: Great Britain 21st July
Round 11: Germany 28th July
Round 12: Hungary 4th August
Round 13: Belgium 11th August
Round 14: Italy 18th August
Round 15: Singapore 25th August
Round 16: South Korea 1st September
Round 17: Japan 8th September
Round 18: India 15th September
Round 19: Abu Dhabi 22nd September
Round 20: USA 29th September
Round 21: Brazil 6th October

We have spaces available and we welcome new drivers.As above we will be running 2013 spec cars so whether your faster or slower we will try and place you in the right car to equal out pace,hopefully this will reduce the difference between players resulting in closer and more exciting racing..
For the full list of rules and regulations click  here 
To sign up click here

Click here to check out our youtube channel

we are a small UK based online community most of us have busy lives and don't spend 24hrs playing games but we do like to get away from the real world now and then and have some good clean racing.
Kff has been running since 2007 originally as a place for people to chat and organise clean racing leagues on F1CE 

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We have done some testing using 2013 spec cars and it looks to be quite exciting.Its giving those further down the grid opportunities to be fighting for more points.
This makes it more interesting for all as its not enjoyable being at the back end race after race and i'd imagine its quite similar for the super fast spending lap after lap in the lead on their own.

We will be running a few practice nights before the season feel free to pop along 

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Just over 2 weeks left until we kick off Season 3
We have now only got 2 seats available and a couple of spaces for reserves to join click the link on the 1st post
many thanks 

A couple of recordings from test nights using unequal 2013 spec cars 


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