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Morning all.
Just a quick question as I am no expert on these matters.
As Xbox 360 users who can no longer enjoy the online experience, where do we stand regarding consumer rights?

Are we entitled to a refund as the game is no longer fit for purpose, owing to the freeze issues since the patch release last week?

Not trying to start of a storm here, I'm curious. Seeing as the game and addons I bought are no longer fit for purpose I would be very interested in putting this whole experience behind me and getting a full refund.

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I got a refund from Microsoft within 2 weeks of the game's release as the game wasn't 'of satisfactory quality' or 'fit for purpose' as described by the UK Sale of Goods Act, this was due to the corrupt save issue.
I then made the mistake of buying a 2nd hand copy of the game when that issue was eventually patched.

Forgot to mention I bought the game as a download through X-Box live.
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I'm no expert either but in the first instance you will need to speak to the retailer that sold you the game.  If their response is not to your liking I would suggest that you call your local Trading Standards Department - they will usually be based within your local council and will be able to advise you.
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Which Magazine has a pretty good summary of your rights.

If your complaint is specifically about the last patch, my (not-a-lawyer) interpretation is that they probably have a “reasonable time” to fix those issues with another patch. If they don’t, you have a claim.

Also worth noting that if you bought the game in a shop rather than as a digital download, your claim would normally be against the shop, not Codemasters or Microsoft. Though since the *update* that caused the problem came directly from Microsoft, via Codemasters, that's probably one of those grey areas that consumer law hasn't really caught up with yet...

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