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F1 2013 Wet Race issue (25%) PS3

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I am playing career mode - now in 3rd season. Its a great game by the way.

But there is a huge bug which needs fixing.

On my first season, there was a track where the actual race had a rain forecast of 100% (forget which one). At race start, there was no pit-stop strategy suggested by the team. I thought that was a bit odd, but maybe realistic - the stop strategy would be decided by changing conditions during the race.

No such luck. The AI cars don't have any tire wear in such a race and they don't even have to pit! They just whiz round and round until the end. My tyres still wear like normal of course so I tried pitting - no good. Infact there was so very little grip improvement at all with the new set - I think pitting for new tyres made no difference. So I restarted and tried doing the whole race on one set like the AI's, but kept getting hammered in the last third of the the race. I abandoned the race.

Season 2: It happened again. This time at Singapore.Tried the above again and abandoned the race. I thought ' well if it's only 1 race a season I can live with that'.

Season 3: Aaargh. It happened again in Canada. Abandoned the race. Then it happened again in Singapore. I spent a few hours trying to get a point but it's no use. The AIs don't pit and they have no tyre wear. How can you compete? If you pit, you are stuffed, the AIs will just whiz past, if you don't, you can be in the mix for about half the race and then they whiz past.

Still Season 3: After Singapore I went on to win Korea. I am now at Japan - Best practice time. But then I noticed the Japan race forecast is 100% rain again! I won't know if its the bug until the race starts (and there is no pit stop strategy) - so a lot of wasted time qualifying if it is.

The rain model in this game is generally good otherwise - it works in in the P and Q sessions and also in races where the weather changes. Why does everything fall apart in a constant 100% wet race? Why do the F1 basic rules get ignored? This is the weather system Codemasters were so proud of a few years back. Why doesn't it work?

 I had hoped a fix would be available and have waited for a download for some time. No joy.



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The race in Japan was ok. There was a pit stop strategy I could edit before the race and I won (which was nice). To remind people, the bug is there when there is no pit stop strategy on a 100% wet race..

But this bug really needs to be fixed. I had decided that if it happened again in Japan the game would go back in its box for good.

I have had to abandon 2 races so far this season because of this bug and it sucks. For now it's still n the PS3 - I am at India. But having to forfeit races because of bad coding is no fun - and should be fixed. And I still have a few races left this season.

As I have said, I think the game in general - apart from this huge bug - is good. I will post a wish list for the next version.

But I would still like a fix for this bug now.


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