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Dirt Rally - Can't save games anymore


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Hi , I am unable to save my Career progress or anything else for that matter in the latest Dirt Rally.  I had to modify the damage settings as there is no setting provided in the game and it is extremely unrealistic and providing negative training.  As soon as that one file is modified I can't use the game in single player in Career mode, nor for any single events.  As soon as the modified file is reverted the saving works again.  Like some kind of sick joke. :)

This is really disgraceful and makes no sense for people who want to play offline and not cheat online.  Please help me with a method to enable saving with a modified damage file or please add a realistic damage model to the game.  You are penalizing people who don't cheat and are trying to get a more challenging/interesting gameplay.  I mean has anyone at Codemasters watched a real rally?  Because cars are not able to plow into stuff at 100Km/h head on and continue.  or side swipe barriers and large rocks with their wheels and carry on like nothing happened.   Crashes cause damage and that is part of the sport...

Windows 10 64 Bit.  FWIW
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