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udp telemetry


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<hardware_settings_config deviceId="0x1380">
<cpu cores="8" hyperThreading="false" hyperThreadingProcessorStride="1" />
<graphics_card rating="1">
<resolution width="1440" height="900" fullscreen="true" vsync="false" vsyncInterval="auto">
<refreshRate rate="0" />
<windowPosition x="0" y="0" />
<outputMonitor index="1" />
<aspectRatio auto="false" width="16" height="9" />
<dbox enabled="true" />
<udp0 enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" />
<udp1 enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" />
<udp2 enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" />
<udp3 enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" />
<antialiasing smaa="false" taa="false" />
<ssao enabled="false" />
<ssrt enabled="true" quality="2" />
<texture_streaming sizeInMiB="512" texelDensityBias="0.0" concurrentTextureSwaps="1" />
<led_display fanatecNativeSupport="true" sliProNativeSupport="true" />
<anisotropic_filter level="0" />
<lighting quality="1" />
<postprocess motionBlur="true" godRays="false" depthOfField="true" lensStreak="false" lensFlare="true" bloom="true" rainBeads="true" />
<shadows enabled="true" skyShadowMapSize="1024" skyShadowCascadeCount="4" skyShadowLowLod="true" worldShadowMapSize="1024" nightShadowMapSize="1024" nightShadowCharacterCast="false" nightShadowSourceCount="4" sampling="1" spotShadowMapSize="1024" spotShadowSampling="0" />
<smoke_shadows enabled="true" mapSize="256" opacity="1.0" envOpacity="0.45" updateRate="4" />
<advanced_smoke_shadows enabled="false" />
<particles enabled="true" distanceScale="1.0" rate="1.0" high="false" />
<crowd billboardPercentage="100" lod0Distance="4" lod1Distance="10" lod2Distance="25" lod3Distance="70" billboardDistance="700" finDistance="1000" lod0Quantity="5" lod1Quantity="20" lod2Quantity="50" lod3Quantity="300" billboardQuantity="22000" finQuantity="5000" propQuantity="50" />
<vehicle_reflections envMapScale="1.0" envMapUpdateMode="alternate" envMapRenderMode="carsAndCharacters" cubeMapEnabled="false" cubeMapScale="1.0" cubeMapUpdateMode="oneFacePerFrame" />
<mirrors mirrorsUpdateMode="alternate" mirrorsRenderMode="cars" treesInMirrors="true" crowdInMirrors="false" highDetailMirrors="false" highDetailTyresAndCar="false" particlesInMirrors="false" />
<weather_effects rainSplashes="true" rainSheets="false" rainBeads="false" rainHigh="false" trackHeatHaze="true" planarReflectionsEnabled="true" planarReflectionsRTScale="1.0" planarReflectionsMipTailBlur="true" proceduralCloudRTScale="1.0" proceduralCloudTiling="6" proceduralCloudQuality="1" />
<ground_cover enabled="true" grassFlattening="false" drawDistance="60.0" />
<dynamic_hair quality="1" />
<skidmarks enabled="true" parallax="false" />
<skidmarks_blending enabled="false" />
<audio quality="high" />
<sliders motionBlurStrength="1.000000" />
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In F1 2017, the word "telemetry" appears in two places in setups. There is the UDP telemetry setup which sends data to another device, which is what I think the OP is asking about. "Telemetry" also appears in TT if you go to the Ghost Settings. There you see options such as Personal Best Telemetry Mode, Current Lap Telemetry Mode, Rival Telemetry Mode, etc. I've turned these on and don't know what they're supposed to do, and it's possible that it doesn't show up in cockpit mode. Since I don't know what these settings are supposed to do, I guess it's possible that the OP could be asking about this? BTW, I know OP is talking about F1 2016, so that may be entirely different.
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