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Extra Championships : Saving Progress.

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Why can't we save mid-season in the Extra Championships?  Don't always have time to do 10 races back to back to back (example of British Touring Car Legends).
And could these Extra Championships be organized in to categories followed by events?  I have all the DLC (seasons pass)... and it's just a big messy wall of events to scroll thru to find what I want to do next.
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Just tried again... it's not working.

I'm on PC (via Steam).  Just tried the Touring Legends British Championship (part of the Touring Legends DLC Pack, events found under Extra Championships)... completed the first of 5 rounds (two races at Donnington Short)... exit the game, it warns me that the progress for this event will be lost... if I exit and try to go back to the same championship, it starts from the beginning.

Not sure if you're trying the same content, or maybe this is a PC only issue.
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Loore said:
DjFIL said:
Bump.  It's really annoying this issue and is keeping me away form really enjoying the DLC content.
it's been saving for me when I've been playing so not sure why you're having problems
To confirm, you can't save during the extra championships.
We know. And it makes them almost unplayable. Hence this thread.
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Wow.  That's totally lame.  I feel really let down.  I'll likely never finish these longer championships of the Legends Touring pack... and it's too bad cause they're really fun, I just don't have the time always to play that many events in a row.
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