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Patch 1.11 - Patch Notes (Released 11/12/17)


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Hi all,

 Patch 1.11 is being released onto Xbox One, PlayStation4 and PC at 3pm GMT today. Here’s what’s 1.11 contains:


Firstly, we know that the ‘team mate bug’ is something that’s affecting some of your careers, so we’ve had a look at how we can mitigate it for you. We know that this issue is particularly highlighted in the McLaren (because the Honda engine is down on power), so this patch updates McLaren’s overall performance, and changes the way your team mate at McLaren handles upgrades.


- McLaren performance update in order to negate the effects of the “team-mate bug” in Career mode.

- A frequent network crash

- Crash when entering Multiplayer having played Time Trial.

- Crash when re-entering Multiplayer after having disconnected via Ethernet.

- Crash when loading into a post-race career hub with a specific save game.


If any of the above don’t work in the way they should, or you notice any issues, please let us know in the discussion thread here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/61738/patch-1-11-discussion-thread/p1?new=1

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