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Patch 1.11 - Discussion Thread


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KevRusski said:
KevRusski said:
MrGhostO1O said: 
(After the major SC bug happened in Round 5, Hungary two weeks ago and in the test race last week, we decided to deactivate the SC completely until the bug is fixed by the developers)

The following videos are POV's of drivers who were involved in major DESYNC issues during the race.
I have explained it at the start of this thread that we are all from Germany and Austria, two neighboring states.

So how come this driver was hit by an invisible car?


This is the POV of the spun driver.
Take a look at 19:35 how there are two HAAS drivers behind him and next to each other, while in the video before there was noone next to him.


The following video is the start recorded by the same HAAS driver from the first video.
Look how the cars behind him ghost through each other and some stand in the start grid boxes of others at the same time.


A driver reported that the car placed on grid no. 2 was not visible while on the screen of others, it was.
(An issue that happened to me in last weeks test race)

Here is a poor dude who tried to stay out of trouble in turn 1 but was still collected.
The HAAS driver that he repeatedly overtook throughout the whole qualifying and race is the same HAAS driver from video 1 and 3.
He has a red "X" next to his username, indicating that the HAAS driver was not in the lobby anymore even though he was and his car was driven by an AI. 


Me and the FERRARI driver are the only ones who are from Austria while the rest are from Germany.
On my screen the same HAAS driver was racing just fine from start to finish...
So how come only the FERRARI driver had this problem?

Here is my entire GP video: 


If it isn't the Safety Car being deployed every 4 laps that ruins your league race then it is massive DESYNC.
After 8 patches and 4 months these issues still happen. They released the game with a major bug (DSQ bug after qualifying and race) and they will most likely leave it with a major bug. I am really baffled by how they were able to screw up so bad while the F1 2016 online was more or less stable.

Codemasters's F1 2017 game in its current state is complete and utter garbage and i have no trust in them to make a good game for all of their target groups.

Red Bull had a vote that they announced on twitter. The vote was about the best racing game of 2017 and even though the comments about F1 2017 were mostly negative, they still somehow won the vote.

They seem to ignore the bug reports and talk very well about their game on social media while being unable to fix the major flaws in the game
They will also most likely fail at F1 2018 as well in some way.

If you are not happy with the way that Codemasters program the official Formula 1 game and treat their customers,
then please contact Liberty Media through the following link and explain to them how you feel about the current state of the gaming side of Formula 1:
Sadly, you have just wasted at least 30minutes of your life.  Sorry mate,  but you are still fighting a war with an opposition that buggered off from the trenches ages ago, did you not see all them humongous tin hats retreating  back behind enemy lines!
It took me literally 5 minutes to write it in one go with two little corrections after posting it and no it is not a waste if people voice their opinion to liberty media.

Your bad jokes are not helping.
Haha, cmon who are you, Jonny 5? 

My bad jokes as you put it will have absolutely no negative impact on getting codies a kicking.

I've followed the same path you are treading, posted videos, provided a list of bugs bla bla bla and the only way anyone is going to give two hoots is if sales dip and reviews are so bad that it brings down the good name of F1.  The money is in the bank and they got glowing reviews. Im equally as disgusted as you.

Good luck with your efforts, but lighten up.
 I understand how this business works. That is why i try to open some eyes here, even if only a few. Not buying the next game will be the only way CM can understand the message.

I just do not understand why you are even in this thread.
Getting involved in something with useless jokes after having given up on the topic already makes no sense :/
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I`ve edited my original response, too long.

Merry Xmas and apologies for not being serious about your post and trying to comment with some light hearted banter.. I was just pointing out that I dont think they are bothered anymore. I am referring to pointing out bugs not contacting LM. It seems a strange apology to make but hey ho, good will to all men and that.

Please could you not start any protest links etc in here though, please. This is for post patch 1.11 specific comments only. Its off topic.

Back to topic..........if anyone in codemasters cares...........
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Es una verguenza que sigan tomándonos el pelo de esta forma y nos sigan estafando año tras año. Ustedes son unos estafadores que no cumplen con su parte y no cumplen con las reglas del juego. Ustedes meten parches para romper más el juego y no saben cómo solucionarlo porque no tienen el coeficiente intelectual que se necesita para hacer un juego. Hay que hacerles boicot para el próximo juego porque seguro que será otra estafa y otra mierda. Ustedes no tienen valores morales ni vergüenza, son simplemente unos estafadores. Por todos los medios desde España intentaré hacerles boicot y le puedo asegurar que lo habrá, desde que se sepa la fecha de lanzamiento. Son ustedes unos impresentables y los que le defienden y moderadores son unos comprados por ustedes que ni siquiera tienen ni idea de los que es F1. Adios sinverguenzas.
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It is a shame that they continue to take our hair (translates: scalp us) in this way and continue to cheat us year after year. You are scammers who do not do your part and do not comply with the rules of the game. You put patches to break the game more and do not know how to fix it because they do not have the IQ (translates: dim) needed to make a game. You have to boycott them for the next game because surely it will be another scam and another **** (translates: pisstake). You do not have moral values ​​or shame, you are simply scammers. By all means from Spain I will try to boycott them and I can assure you that there will be, since the release date is known. You are unpresentable (translates: look bad) and those who defend and moderators are some bought by you who do not even have any idea of ​​what F1 is. Goodbye scoundrels.
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coach83 said:
I just had my car setup reset to a default 2-2 setup for a league race yesterday. 
spa, 50% race, parc ferme on, ferrari (kimi), online, PC.
Did qualifying with my correct car setup (qualified inside top 10) and then when I went to the starting grid to pick race strategy i noticed the setup was wrong :(
I believe 1 or 2 other drivers disconnected during qualifying and rejoined. Nobody disconnected between qualifying and the race start though.
@jennyannem I recorded, so can make a short video of this if you would like and still fixing bugs.
They know it since more than two month.  It is a old bug. I dont know why they dont fix it. 
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There are set-up issues in career mode, too.

I qualified in Suzuka in pouring rain - it was a total disaster and I ended up 19th.  I'd cranked up the front wing to give more grip in the wet.

Come the race, I went into the car set-up and the front wing was still set to 7, so I knocked it back down to 4.  The race was dry but the first corner was total carnage, so I restarted the session - I play by myself and I'm not going through three practice sessions plus qualifying only to have the race written off on the first corner.  When you do that in career mode, you don't get to change the setup again, but it reverted to the wet set-up I'd used in qualifying.

After a little testing I discovered that if you restart the session, OR if you use a flashback, the same problem happens.  The only way is to completely restart the game (but again, if you restart the session or use a flashback, it reverts to your qualifying setup and you can't change it).
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Oh god, you manage to make this game worse with every patch. Rain incoming, couple of guys change tyres correctly, the other pit every lap and putting on dry or inters instead of wets. So they finish the race with 20+ pit stops.

Also, Hungary, SC deployed, suddenly, everybody stops in the middle of the track and gets DSQ. Seriously guys, what are we doing here? WTF?
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Lo primero decir que si escribo en español es porque Codemasters no permite hacer copia-pega de una traducción lo cual me llevaría mucho tiempo ponerlo en inglés. Lo siento.

1.- Sistema de penalizaciónes irreal. Ustedes (Codemasters) nos han confirmado que no tienen ni idea de lo que es F1 ni su normativa. Normativa normal permite saltarse las curvas sin que el juego penalize. Normativa estricta solo por poner la rueda en un piano te sancionan. Les aconsejaría se informasen un poco y viesen de vez en cuando alguna carrera de F1 para darse cuenta lo que se puede y lo que no se puede hacer en un GP de F1. Mi puntuación en este sentido 0/10.
2.- El safety car es totalmente irreal, en algunos campeonatos ha habido que descartarlo ya que suele salir la mayoría de las veces sin que haya pasado nada en pista, en cambio otras veces que se quedas 2 coches o más fuera de carrera a causa de un accidente ni sale ni hay banderas amarillas. En ocasiones después de marchar el safety car se queda todo el circuito en banderas amarillas hasta que acaba el GP. Sinceramente este es un problema con el que llevamos desde F1 2016 y no han sabido arreglarlo por lo cual sabemos que en un futuro va a pasar lo mismo. Mi puntuación 0/10.
3.- El tiempo de espera entre clasificación y carrera es muy corto y no da tiempo a elegir estrategia. Del mismo modo en las retransmisiones si se incluye el logotipo de F1 el canal de YouTube no deja verlo por infracción en los derechos del autor (copyright). Es absurdo. Mi puntuación 0/10.
4.- El sistema de salas públicas es un desastre. No es real la información que se indica de cada sala y constantemente se queda la sala colgada y hay que cerrar el juego para salir de la sala. Mi puntuación 0/10.
5.- Es imposible correr online en abierto con la gente que solo piensa en chocar y no dejar correr a los demás. Ustedes no tienen un sistema para penalizar a esos cerdos mientras que otros juegos si lo tienen. Simplemente a ustedes no les gusta trabajar, solo piensan en ganar dinero mintiendo y no realizando su trabajo. Mi puntuación 0/10.
Podría seguir pero esto es lo más importante a mi modo de ver. Los clientes de F1 debemos hacer un boicot para su próxima entregar y no comprar su próximo lanzamiento. Deberían aprender de PC2 o de GT Sport que por lo menos cumplen con sus clientes, a ustedes solo les interesa ganar dinero a costa de estafar a sus clientes. Este año optaremos por otro título ya que no habrá un F1 decente por parte de Codemasters.

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The visual flaws of the game are:

1-The game has no smoke effects from the tires when making a drift with the wheels.

2-The clouds are always clear and white, even in a rainy weather.

3 - The real F1 has implemented as a rule, cars have more emission of sparks, something that practically does not exist in this game of formula 1 2017.

4-Falling rain effects are very blurred, view from the TV replay camera, T-cam inside the car and clouds as stated before, are lower than any previous game.

Something update from this ?

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