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Xbox One Screen Flickering *Solved*


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Hi. Someone help please? 

On my Xbox One on any mode i often experience flashes and flickers on the screen, sometimes it will flash purple all around the edge of the screen and other times it will have green flashes on the car on the bottom of the screen. It does it on any circuit and any car. 

Nobody else seems to have an issue from what I've read so i was wondering if i could get some help to fix it please.

I race in T Cam.

It has done it since ive owned the game which was V1.10 and still does it after today's 1.11 update.

Thank you. 
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Solved! Thanks to another member. Change your capture settings to 720p if it is set to 1080p and it will solve the issue 
I'll give this a try tonight.  Hopefully it works, however it would be nice for the devs to put some time into this game and fix the issues instead of giving us oddball workarounds.
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