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Will GRID AUTOSPORT be available in North America as Disk

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I am very weary of pre-ordering a Grid Autosport as I still haven't received my money back from my pre-order of F1 2013 that was NEVER released in Canada or the States...

Will this be available in disk form or will you let us know 15 hours ahead (like you did with F1 2013)  that it might be delayed or never released in N.A... 

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RubyRuby said:
All you NA disc lovers stand up and shout with me:  WE  WANT  A DISC!

This. I was looking foward to trying Classic mode in F1 2013 but couldn't bring myself to have only a digital copy. As it is, I'm already concerned about DLC with the 360/PS3 generation, since some of what I already have is inaccessible without an internet connection (nothing on a Codies game that I can tell). As someone who still plays TOCA and Colin McRae from time to time I would be immensely frustrated if I discovered I couldn't play all of what I'd purchased simply because the servers went down.
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