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F1 2014 Cars Durability, Penalty, and Weather

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Hi Guys, 

I'm newbie here. However, I've been playing F1 2012-2014 for quite a long time. Currently, I'm playing F1 2014. Sorry if the topic and game seem outdated compared to F1 2017. My laptop couldn't handle F1 Codemasters Game beyond 2014 (especially for the graphic). That's why I played only those three F1 Games (in a High Graphic mode of course). 
Ok, to the point. As the topic said, there are some questions I want to ask. Hope you all don't mind answering
1. I play career mode using Ferrari and it seems the car very durable. The wear and tear especially for engine and brakes also very minimal. How far actually is the damage scaling in F1 2014 plays in career mode? as I drive Ferrari, is it possible (for some reasons) to have an issue with the component such as brakes, engine, diffusers and other technical things? I noticed sometimes only DRS that can disable midway through the race. (I play full seasons and 100% race distance with realistic damage). or the damage only affects the lower-tier teams? 

2. Regarding the penalty, in F1 2014 season, besides drive-through, there are also time penalty and stop/go penalty. How about in the game? it seems only Drive-Through Penalty during the race and 10 grid Drop for infractions during practice and qualifying. Drive-through is given for any driving infractions during the race. Is the drive-through the only penalty in the game?

3. About the weather, if the game says i.e 40% rain, what does this actually mean? is it the 40% probability of rain or the rain will come around 40% of race distance? 

Thanks for answering the questions. 

Regards From Indonesia. 

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1. 2014 game didn't have that "in depth" mechanical failures like for exaple 2017 game has.
So no you won't get much of a mechanical damage (except if you run alot in Rich mix and engine can lose some power in that race)

2. you can also get corner cut penalty (like 3 sec added time etc)

3. It means probabilty of rain is 40%. :)

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