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Llimited throttle assist "off" toggle please? [Drag dlc]

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Any chance next update of an "off " toggle in the pre-race menu assist options to disable the "limited throttle input" assist for staging please?

"In GRID Autosport, we’ve limited the throttle input during this phase to make positioning the vehicle easier."  Granted, however...

"...you can actually set off before the green light even comes on, and therefore have a rolling start by the time it actually does!"

I'm finding shallow staging near impossible on gamepad analogue trigger due to the sudden transition of "limited throttle input" to normal throttle.  If I wish to creep a little further forwards and adjust to a deep stage, or go for a 'reaction rolling start' I frequently can't as the "limited throttle input" will have randomly disengaged and it's warp speed ahead for a DQ.  I have managed a few holeshot wins, but it's near impossible due to this throttle assist on/off transition.  Appreciated.
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I find it the same with a pedal, once you stop rolling the next touch will be normal and the pro drags dont do feathered accelerator they just want to jump off the line. Now I just roll and stop and be happy, I can post stage with a dab of the brakes and thats all you need and I do hold the pedal full down until the stage.
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