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Wishlist for GRID: Autosport/What cars/tracks do you want to see in Autosport?

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I haven´t found a wishlist thread like this yet and the Dirt section had one, so I will start one.

What cars and/or tracks do you want to see in the upcoming Grid game?
I personally have some favorites lined up ahead (Who knows,maybe Codies will include some of your wishes in some upcoming DLC!) :

Mazda 787B; a legendary winner of the 24h of Le Mans. I was kinda sad when this car from Grid 1 didn't appear in the sequel. Confirmed!
Ford GT40 Mk1; another Le Mans winner that doesn't need an introduction.Also known for its iconic Gulf livery Confirmed!
McLaren F1 GTR;Based on the fastest naturally aspirated production car,this car won Le Mans the overall victory in 1995 even beating LMPs. (McLaren F1 GT Confirmed)
The current WEC cars would also make some nice DLC.

Tuner/Street (I dont know the differences between both so I put them in one category):
Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86); An iconic drift car which is still popular in Japan. The car is also known from the Initial D manga/anime
Ford Escort RS Cosworth; A street version of a successful rally car that needs to be in Autosport
Lexus LFA; A Japanese V10 Supercar with one of the best sounding engines in the world
Datsun/Nissan Fairlady 240Z; A classic sportcar which became a popular in America due to its cheap price tag
Mitsubishi Lan Evo/Subaru Imp WRX STI (Stock please);Two of the biggest rivals in the WRC
Nissan (Skyline) GTR 32-35;There is really no reason not to include these cars since all of them (save for the GTR33) were in Grid games previously. (Skylines have been confirmed to have cars in 3 out of 5 Categories) 
Any RUF car; RUFs are commonly used as alternative to Porsche in other games due to a exclusive license of EA.
Lamborghinis(especially the Diablo SV and Countach) 
Ferraris(Especially the F40 and Testorossa);The licence might be a bit expensive but there were two Touring cars by Ferrari in GRID 1 as DLC
And American Muscle cars like the Mustang,Challenger,Camaro,Corvette,etc.
Touring Cars:
BMW M3 E30/Mercedes-Benz E190 Evo; Both are very iconic DTM cars that also appeared on Grid 2 so there is no reason for them to not be in the game. (E30 has its own Cup in Street Races)
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth; Also a nice DTM car. Confirmed!
Nissan Fairlady Z33 GT500 (350Z)
Toyota Supra Mk.4 JGTC
Ferrari 458 Italia GT2/GT3
Audi TT-R DTM;Previously seen on TOCA
Mt. Panorama Raceway/Bathurst;If there will be V8 Supercars in this game (I hope there will) this track has to be in the game. Confirmed!
Nürburgring GP and Nordschleife; Because.
Suzuka Circuit: A popular Touring car track
Spa-Francorchamps. Confirmed!
Mt. Akina/Haruna;A touge/drift track from the first Grid (Also known as "Akina" in Initial D)
Willow Springs; An interesting desert circuit with several layouts
Ebisu Circuit; The mecca for drifters with multiple touge-esque tracks in one!
Laguna Seca;A nice American circuit with probably the best downhill chicane in the world
Okutama Circuit and Mountain Roads: A track that appeared in the first two Grids (with the Circuit missing from Grid 2) Confirmed!
Thats it for me,I might edit some other things later in this list
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Istanbul Park
Dockyards (Yokohama, Tokyo, whatever)
Long Beach
Mondello Park
Willow Springs (all, but esp. GP and Horse Thief Mile)
Leipzig (Go Porsche/RUF)
Portland International Raceway (Drag strip)

Later, put Touge back in and Mt. Haruna with it.


TVR Tuscan Challenge
Skyline GT-R (R34)
Dodge Viper
Mustang GT
Mazda 787B

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Tracks I've always wanted in games are your real life tracks also tracks that have a few configurations for variety 
Circuit of the Americas,
Paul Ricard,
Phillip Island,
Winton or Sandown.

Prototypes from both Lmp1&2 
Blancpain GT cars 
formula ford 
A few selections from BTCC, WTCC, V8Supercars & DTM
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A few tracks that immediately spring to mind:

Circuit de la Sarthe (in modern and traditional configurtion).
Brands Hatch (Indy & GP circuit).
Willow Springs.

Would definately like to see touge events added later on as well. I've always wanted to see the Gunsai touge (as used in the Best Motoring/Hot Version series) included in a game, but its not happened yet!

Rather than listing specific cars my preference is to see whatever Touring Car and Endurance car classes included in the game represented with a good selection of real racing cars (preferably available with real liveries). In the endurance class I would especially like to see the WEC well represented with a good selection of LMP1 and LMP2 prototypes.

I'm hopeful that WTCC, DTM, Super GT or V8 Supercars are included in the Touring Car class (hopefully all of them, but a couple will do! ;) ) and it would be great to see the modern grids from any of these championships reflected in the car line up in game.

I see that Time Attack has been mentioned in the preview(s): would love to see some real World Time Attack and UK Time Attack cars make it into the game especially the RCM's Gobstopper I & II, Sierra Evo and Tilton Evo!


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i will choose 2 from each region , not confirmed tracks and cars
tracks :
donington   suzuka           daytona                       
motorland /algarve     macau(street)  laguna seca  ,and le mans 
cars endurance
toyota ts040  corvette c7r  a DP                       
audi r18+      hpd arx03    
street , time attack
m3 sport   z tune r34  evo 9  corvette zr1 mustang gt500svt +  dc2 integra/nsx
touring , open wheel , 
all i have seen so far , 
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i would like to see some  German touring cars (preferably the older ones like merc 190 etc.) and would also like to see some more competitive open wheeler like formula Renault and gp3 and gp2. track wise would love to see some of the classics from the original grid like milan and long beach and also mount panorama because it is such a fun track to race around and has fast straights and some great corner sequences!
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Adelaide Street Circuit
Symmons Plains Raceway
Winton Motor Raceway
Pukekohe Park Raceway
Barbagallo Raceway
Hidden Valley Raceway
Townsville Street Circuit
Queensland Raceway
Sydney Motorsport Park
Sandown Raceway
Mount Panorama Circuit
Surfers Paradise Street Circuit
Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Homebush Street Circuit

Ford Falcon
Holden Commodore
Nissan Altima
Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

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Laguna Seca
Buddh International Circuit
Road America

Subaru STI
Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Gallardo
Lamborghini Veneno
Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari ENZO
Ferrari 458
1970 Dodge Challenger
Koengisegg Agera R
Koengisegg ONE:1
Koengisegg CCXR
Shelby Cobra
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