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Could we have these changes in the next patch?

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When installing parts, instead of having to select yes and confirm, why not use the right arrow button to install the part, left arrow to un-install the part?
It will save all the unnecessary time and key presses that you have to go through when installing parts.

In the racenet challenges, when we have finished the challenge and been given our rewards, can we not be returned to the pit menu so we can quickly start that challenge again?
At the moment, we have to navigate all the way to the challenge each time.

In time trials, when we return to the pit menu, can you not put up an icon so we can view the leaderboards?
At the moment once we are in a time trial, we cannot see the leaderboards, unless we come all the way out and then it takes a lot of navigation to get back to the track selection.

The leaderboards could also be put in the racenet challenges pit menu as mentioned above.

Any chance of these simple changes in the next patch? They should be easy to implement and will make a big difference to how smooth and quickly we can check leaderboards, install parts and re-try the racenet challenges.

Also +1 to being able to save in the extra championships and for them to be organised under Drag, Sprint, Touring Car Legends.

Also allow drag and sprint options in the offline custom for Classic and Legends Touring cars, these are missing at the moment.

Many thanks and I would really appreciate if Loore could pass this onto the team and let me know what he thinks.
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