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R&D in Malaysia - rain

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In order to get a new upgrade for my car, my egnineer wants me to break 13,5% of a total lap lenght (which is pretty stupid) and I should beat a cerctain time. Skill level Pro it is 1:54.195. The problem is: It's raining. A lot of rain. So it's impossible for me to do 1:54. Even the Red Bull, Mercedes AI is not beating 1:54.195. I'm in Toro Rosso. So maybe codies should have a look on that issue.
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It didn't dry up for me :( it's impossible to break 13,5% of an lap and going as fast as I can. I should the same laptimes as a Mercedes in a Toro Rosso, BUT I should break more... WTF?

Next thing I noticed: Same old story. Different laptimes if you accelerate the session time. At the moment in Malaysia +2 seconds if time is accelerated. Poor Hamilton: out in Q2. 

Same game as last year. And go back to the menus of 2010, 2011. That was a good idea. Now it's just like FIFA. You get a full priced slightly updated game every year. I really hope new-gen F1 2015 is doing a biiiig step.

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