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Tyre Wear Percentages being skipped

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Just a hunch, but I think this may be part of the reason why the human's tyre wear is bad compared to the AI - i.e. human loses say 0.9s/lap on the softest compound after 20 laps, while the AI is still doing the same laptimes.

The tyre wear skips percentages, most notably it always goes from 4% to 6%, and 9% to 11%, and then later on it seems to similar percentages (sometimes 22%, for example), so, if it skips say 10 different percentages until you reach 50%, that could be 4 laps less tyre life than what you should be getting. This would also explain why our tyre wear doesn't really mimick real 2017 F1 tyres.

View the tyre percentages here as he goes on - video courtesy of TRL Limitless:

Someone will probably say that "it only skips it in the HUD" but I am not convinced, due to the reasons above.

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