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F1 2014/2013/2012/2011/2010 Setups for all cars on all tracks (Dry/Wet)

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Hello F1 race fans,

Its that time of the year again. Another Formula 1 season, another Formula 1 game. RaceDepartment is keeping up with an important annual tradition: Since 2010 we have provided a free to use service to the CM community by providing top notch racing setups. This year will be no different now F1 2014 the Game is about to be released for the EU and US territories. 

If setting up your car is not something you are accustomed to, let us help you out. Here are some useful links that have helped hundreds of thousands of players during the last five years.

Setups for all F1 cars on all tracks under all conditions
F1 2014 Setups
F1 2013 Setups
F1 2012 Setups
F1 2011 Setups
F1 2010 Setups

Setups Directory
Handy one page overview of all setups.
F1 2014 Directory
F1 2013 Directory
F1 2012 Directory

Setup Guide
A handy guide guide explaining the basics of setting up a virtual racing car can be downloaded here

We'll keep this thread updated during the launch of the game in the coming weeks. If you need any more help with regards to the various games, setups, mods, videos, daily online races or a friendly chat feel free to checkout the largest sim racing website for Codemasters F1 titles at RaceDepartment.com

Happy game release day tomorrow see you online  :D

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