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F1 2013 DVD & Classic Content

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My first experience with the F1 series and I'm looking forward to it.
I just purchased a new F1 2013 DVD thru Amazon that says on the DVD box that it contains
the Classic cars and tracks.
It loaded fine, it seemed, and Steam recognised it and gave me the activation code to run
the game.
But the Steam Store downloadable content shows two (2) Classic addons for sale at $9.99 ea.
It seems Steam didn't recognise the extra content. Or, the extra content didn't load on install.
Or, the added content is'nt on the DVD after all.
Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.


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I have the similar problem. I downloaded it when I was signed with my live profile and it is on, but when my husband play it offer him to buy additional bundle. I redownloaded twice but without succes. The items are on hard drive I see that in storage place on console, but he can not play,  I can. This is ridicuolus.

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