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Huge Problem with Setup


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somehow i’ve got a problem where my setup is changing while I’m driving. I’ve realized that when I was doing time trial and on some straights my delta was staying the same and on other straights I was losing heaps of time even tho I had an superb exit and was actually gaining time at the beginning of the street. It’s becoming a huge problem now because i’m not able to meet the goals in career mode or pass the practice prorgams. The thing is, sometimes I feel like i’m running my custom setup and 10 seconds later, not having changed anything, i’m losing time on the straight or having issues with braking due to what I think, running a different setup. 
I’m on the PS4 and I’m having this problem for a approximately 2 weeks now.
I’d really appreciate any help because this glitch makes the game pretty much unplayable.
Thanks for your hell,
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