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FORMULA EUROPE Champions League 2018 - International PS4 F1 Teams League!

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The Formula Europe Champions League is a Formula 1 competition open to the best PS4 leagues from all around the world.
The tournament is played on F1 2017 for PS4, and no assists are allowed.

Want to take part in the competition?
nterested TEAMS have to sign in using the registration thread available HERE until March 15 at 23.59 CET.

The tournament races (which will start not later than 21.05 CET) will take place roughly from April to June,
depending on the number of participants and the resulting competition format.

The tournament format will be defined after the expiry of the registration deadline,
in order to adapt it to the number of participants.

Keep in mind that:
  • FECL races will follow the real FIA rules about Track Limits. A driver is considered out of the track if he crosses the white borderline with all 4 wheels.
  • The race directors will always be able to decide on each corner cut or other kind of infractions.
  • After the race qualifying or race laps videos could be asked according to the tournament rules.
  • Every driver will be allowed to make claims for episodes occurred during the race.

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Here is an updated list of participant Teams!   :)

Official participants:
  1. Formula Motorsport Drivers (ITA)
  2. Campeonatothebestf1 (ESP)
  3. F1 Simu (FRA)
  4. F1 Race Championship (FRA)
  5. LigaF1PS4 (POL)
  6. TerritorioF1 (ARG)
  7. F1Nation (ITA)
  8. JIM Racing Team (ESP)
  9. Liga On line F1 (BRA)
  10. Formula Italian Team (ITA)
  11. F1 Spanish Team (ESP)
  12. F1 Poland Team (POL)
  13. F1 Legend Driver (ITA)
  14. Team Racestars (NED)
  15. Apex Online Racing (WORLDWIDE)
  16. CPL League (POL)

Official backup teams (participation to be assessed)

  1. Iberica Racing Team (ESP)

There are 17 teams already, from 8 different countries all around the world! :)

Remember, Teams have time to sign up until 15 march! :D

UPDATE: registration have been "freezed" due to the elevated number of participants already registered. Teams can still anyway sign up if they are interested. Their sign-up will be counted if possible, accordingly with previously registered teams participation and to organization problems.
Of course it's in the organizators interest to bring all possible teams into the competition! ;)

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The partecipant Teams list grows with other two teams: Apex Online Racing and CPL League!

At the moment there are 16 teams from 8 different countries! :) :) :)

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Despite the high number of Teams already registered for the competition, it is still possible to take part in the tournament!
There is still a month left before the deadline for registration for the third edition of the Formula Europe Champions League expires.

All F1 PS4 Teams willing to compare themselves to other communities with respect and fairness are welcome!  :)

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Registration for the Formula Europe 2018 is still open!

Less than three weeks before the deadline of March 15th!


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Despite the numbers, we still miss representation from Great Britain and Germany. I sincerely hope some teams from these countries will join the competition, "defending" their homeland colours!  :) :) :)

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As you can read in the registration thread, the Formula Europe Staff has decided to stop the registration for the tournament prematurely due to the high number of registered teams.

It will still be possible to register other teams, but they will be considered only as a reserve if one or more of the first 16 registered teams were to withdraw their participation.

Stay tuned for more news that will come soon about regulations and structure of the competition!

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The hype for the beginning of the 2018 Formula Europe Championship is increasing! :D

It’s time to decide the groups for the qualifying phase!
Tune in, Friday March 23 at 21.00 CET, on our official YouTube channel to watch all draws live! B)

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Here are the Qualification Groups!

Teams are now choosing the respective cars for the championship!
The first  going on track will be GROUP A, on April the 16th.

Don't miss the race! :)

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Meanwhile, all participating Teams have choosen the respective cars!

As said before, first race will be the one of GROUP A, on April the 16th.

Don't miss the race!

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Five more days and the third edition of Formula Europe will finally start! :)

The current holders of the title (FormulaItalianTeam - ITA) will face three debut teams (Jim Racing Team - SPA, F1 Race Championship - FRA - and CPL League - POL) in the first race of Group A, already renamed by some "Death Group"! :o

Don't miss the youtube live streaming on April 16th!  ;)

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The second race of this third edition of the Formula Europe is coming up!


Austrian circuit is going to host the first race of Group C composed by:
ApexOnlineRacing (WW)
TerritorioF1 (ARG)
IbericaRacingTeam (SPA)
F1Nation (ITA)

Join us tonight on Twitter for the live commentary of today’s race!

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Yesterday the turn of Group B has come to go on Austrian circuit for their first race in this third edition of the Formula Europe! B)

Here is the line ups!

F1Simu (FRA), F1LegendDrivers (ITA), Ligaf1ps4 (POL) and Campeonatothebestf1 (SPA) were the four teams fighting for the two tickets for the semi-finals.

Who got the best from this first race?
You can find it out checking for the race transmitted in streaming last night on the youtube official channel of the Formula Europe!


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Qualification Phase is over, with lots of surprises and plot twists during the second  deciding races!!! :)

Here a sum-up of what happened!  B)

Group A
  • FormulaItalianTeam with an extraordinary performance that has kept the result of the group hovering until the very last lap wins the Japanese GP with FiT_Saro, and managed to solve the bad situation after the incredibly unfortunate Austrian GP, qualifying as the first team in Group A.
  • F1RaceChampionship as a very precise and constant team in terms of results in both races managed to qualify, brilliantly overcoming a group defined as "Group of the death". On equal points with FiT, passes as the second team for the calculation of victories.
  • JIMRacingTeam, despite JIM-NARDYXTEAM's victory in Austria and JIM-Aressi's excellent second place in Japan, misses the goal for only 3 points in what has undoubtedly been a hard-fought group. One of the most anticipated teams of the competition is then eliminated, however demonstrating the excellent skills of its drivers.
  • CPLLeague despite the very high level of the group, he honors the competition obtaining 22 points, with five placements in points out of six possible, showing correctness and sportiness on the track.

Group B
  • F1LegendDrivers with the victories of EMANUELE-MEGERA in Austria and RICKYMEMPHIS in Japan, as well as the excellent performances of the other pilots deployed, deservedly conquers the top of the group, thus qualifying for the semi-finals.
  • F1Simu as happened to FormulaItalianTeam, they had a bad start, finding themself in last place of the group after the opaque performance in Austria. The Japan GP has seen them fight hard to win the qualification on the track. They conquer then the second place in the group thanks to the points obtained by placing two drivers on the podium.
  • Campeonatothebestf1 gets valuable points especially in Austria, where his drivers are also the protagonists of some nice maneuvers on the track. Loses some valuable points due to unfortunate episodes, finishing in third place in the group.
  • Ligaf1ps4 fails to qualify, closing last in the group. The 20 points brought to the team by the excellent second place of STIG-F1-PL in Austria were not enough for them, considering that the other five useful placements brought in only 10 points to the team.

Group C
  • FormulaNation gets the qualification obtaining the first place in the group on the wave of an exciting first race in Austria with a beautiful victory of FILO_BELLEGATI64, which allows the team to survive the opaque performance of Japan unscathed.
  • TerritorioF1 manages to qualify by getting a deserved second place in the group against the prediction of some. Although perhaps with too many penalties on the whole, all its drivers managed to score points, with TF1-Alonso taking home a great victory in Japan.
  • ApexOnlineRacing closes this experience by stopping at the qualifying stage, placing third in the group. It is definitely the team that has collected less than everyone compared to what he showed on the track. In both races have lost many - too many - precious points for not having followed the regulation, especially in relation to post-race procedures. In Austria, in fact, the non-compliance with the requirements involved the loss of the victory, the disqualification of a driver and the overall loss of several positions gained on the track.
  • IbericaRacingTeam closes in last place. The 37 points obtained on the whole make us all think well for the future, as well as the excellent level of the drivers deployed in the two races. As well as for AOR, the non-compliance with regulations (especially post-race procedures) have had a negative impact on the team's performance. Infact, after a disastrous race in Austria in terms of qualification (only 4 points obtained, with two DNFs), they have seen resized the very good result obtained in Japan due to multiple rule's violations.

Group D


  • FormulaMotorsportDrivers has simply dominated the group, finishing in first place with 112 points. They win both in Austria with F1MD_HEAVEN and in Japan with F1MD_TONIX and stand out as one of the most highly rated teams for the Final phase.
  • F1SpanishTeam it was certainly the most consistent team in terms of performance (after obviously the FMDs) in the group, and this, combined with the good level of the drivers, allowed them to earn the second place in the group. Certainly deserved qualification to the semi-finals, built with intelligence and with spectacular maneuvers on the track when necessary (take a look at the overtake of ABRAAHAM123XD on LOF1_CAMILO in the Japanese GP's penultimate lap).
  • Team Racestars does not go beyond the third place, victim of bad luck, penalties and inconstancy of result. Beyond a podium placement in Japan and a pole position in Austria, the team overall fails to express its potential and ends up losing too many precious points in both races.
  • F1PolandTeam concludes his participation in fourth position, with many regrets. In the Austrian Grand Prix had indeed shown good things and brought good points for the qualification, but then the team was not able to find drivers to deploy for the race in Japan, thus renouncing to take part in the GP and condemning themself to elimination. Really a pity.
  • LigaOnlineF1 it does not go beyond the fifth place and the 14 total points. Unfortunately, the difficulties linked to the lag together with a rather complicated group make life difficult for the Brazilians, who in any case close their participation worthily and respectfully.

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Tonight the Final Stage of the Formula Europe is going to start, so let's take a look on what happened during the Semi Finals! B)

Group A

  • FormulaNation gets the qualification with 112 points. They also get one victory with UNAPULITAN in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix . Really great battles and skills showed on the track, expecially during the Brazil Grand Prix where they battled hardly till the very last meters with FiT and F1Simu drivers.
  • FormulaItalianTeam passes the turn and goes to the Finals as second qualified with 111 points. Their driver FIT_DILEGGE managed to win the Brazil Grand Prix defeating FormulaNation and F1Simu drivers in an epic battle dured almost the whole race under an heavy rain.
  • F1Simu paid the really bad start with its drivers in P9, P10 and P11 respectively at the end of the China Grand Prix. The well deserved second place of F1SIMU_ADEO in Brazil Grand Prix was not enought to get back on the leading teams, and they end here their path in Formula Europe with 63 points. 
  • F1SpanishTeam despite showing some really good skills with some of its drivers, do not manage to go trought this phase. They closed this 3 races with just 58 points. considering the victory of XxSUSOCM19xX in China Grand Prix and the third place of ANDYELMESSY in Azerbaijan Grand Prixthat means they got just 17 points out of the other 7 places conquered on the track in this 3 races. Surely not enought, but as said, they showed a really good potential and did very well in this edition.

Group B

  • FormulaMotorsportDrivers again has dominated the group, finishing in first place with 152 points. They win both in Brazil Grand Prix with F1MD_TONIX  and in Azerbaijan Grand Prix with F1MD_SEB70, confirming themselves as one of the most highly rated teams for the final win of the competition.
  • TerritorioF1 gets the pass for the Finals getting a deserved win with TF1--HAMILTON in China Grand Prix. They battled till the last race with F1RC and F1LD for the second place and close the three race row with 88 points and a win.
  • F1LegendDrivers with just 40 points obtained the third place. Their Semi-Finals started quite well with the podium of EMANUELE-MEGERA in China Grand Prix, but after that their results had a really unexpected turnaround and they went badly out of the following two races, not bringing home enought points to secure the second spot in the group.
  • F1RaceChampionship had quite good chances to get throught this group and access the Finals, but as happened to F1LD, they collected too many bad results, leaving on track way too many points, and completely vanishing any qualification chance. They close their Semi Finals with just 36 points, with just 5 drivers reaching the finish line on a total of 9 deployed on three races.

Now it's time for the FINALS, which will see FormulaNation, FormulaItalianTeam, FormulaMotosportDrivers and TerritorioF1 fighting each other on a three races row at 100% distance in the upcoming 3 weeks.

It all starts tonight at 21.00 CET, with the Italian GP at Monza! B)

Follow the race LIVE on our youtube channel!  :)

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The first race of the FECL 2018 Finals is gone!

Here you can view the whole race:

It was a very nice and competitive race. Leading drivers went on different strategies, with race standings unsure till the very last lap. There were different mistakes on track which leaded to disputes and penalizations, and off-track, with - again - some avoidable errors during the post-race procedures' attendance by racing drivers.

Said that, here are the official qualification and race standings for the Italian GP, with FIT_MAGIC89 losing his P1 to F1MD_TONIX after a penalization inflicted by the race directors due to a corner cut in the Qualification Lap.

Not a very good start for TerritorioF1 (notwithstanding the very good pace of TF1--ALONSO) and FormulaNation. We will see tomorrow, in the second GP of this Finals, what's goin to happen.

At the moment FormulaItalianTeam is leading the standings with 45 points, followed by FormulaMotorsportDrivers with 43.
FormulaNation has 20 points while TerritorioF1 managed to get only 8 points out from this first race.

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Final race of the Formula Europe tonight.

If you are interested, you can follow it on our youtube channel.

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