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It depends how you want the car to handle. 

Softer at the front compared to the rear will produce OVERSTEER.
Stiffer at the front compared to the rear will produce UNDERSTEER

So it depends on how the car handles with stock settings.  

Tail happy cars, need to be set to understeer to control the rear better. 
Understeering cars, and most FWD cars need to be set to oversteer. 

How much the difference is, will determine how big the effect is.  

Max or Min settings, are not always the best option.   But its really what feels best for you, and what your used to.  
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Usually I use +100/+100 as the car reacts quicker and more direct to steering and 'wobbles' around less. On a few RWD cars that tend to slip the rear a lot I set the rear suspension to +50 or 0, as it gives a little more traction and gets better to control. The Audi R8 or the Touring Classics Sierra RS500 for example are some of these cars. But then again it depends on the track. If you have many slow corners, then preferred +50/0 on the rear, as the sliding pretty much only happens at low speeds. If there's only fast corners it doesn't matter and it's +100.
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