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Sensible Days 2018 / SWOS World Cup

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Sensible Days 2018 - Billund, Denmark 

July 21/22 


It’s time to officially announce the biggest, most sensible event of 2018, Sensible Days! 
This year the 15th annual Sensible Soccer World Championships will take place in Billund in Denmark. 

Be prepared for a great tournament, lots of old and new SWOS friends and lots of fun in the heart of Europe! 

Website info: http://sensiblesoccer.de/tournaments/sensibledays-18/ 

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1669067493139853/ 

There will be two main tournaments (PC DOS SWOS and Amiga SWOS) and one side tournament (Classic Sensible Soccer on Amiga). 
Everyone is welcome to join!

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