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F1 2018 Cars So Far


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  • Codemasters Staff
Hey Guys,

Thought I'd open a thread about the revealing of the 2018 cars. Feel free to add pictures etc! 

Here's the ones we know so far:

Haas VF-18

Williams Mercedes FW41

RedBull RB14

Full Livery:

Sauber C37

Renault R.S.18

Mercedes-AMG F1 W09

Ferrari SF71H

McLaren MCL33

Toro Rosso STR13

Force India VJM11

F1 Car Launch Dates 2018

HaasFebruary 14Check mark symbol
WilliamsFebruary 15Check mark symbol
Red BullFebruary 19Check mark symbol
RenaultFebruary 20Check mark symbol
SauberFebruary 20Check mark symbol
MercedesFebruary 22Check mark symbol
FerrariFebruary 22Check mark symbol
McLarenFebruary 23Check mark symbol
Toro RossoFebruary 26Check mark symbol
Force IndiaTesting Check mark symbol
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The short and wide sidepod design with the trippy bargeboard really was a moment of inspiration in Maranello last winter. Looks like we may see it on a lot of cars in 2018. 

Williams looks good. Bit difficult to get excited over it as we know it'll still be 1.5 seconds off the top cars when it comes to Melbourne, and Williams will never get back to where they once were given the era we are currently in. But still, progress. Yay. 
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  • Moderator
Apparently the black is to make the halo look more elegant, as it follows the same lines as the halo going into the bodywork.

I know the halo isn't perfect, but I honestly don't think it's going to be that bad. I've seen the new F2 cars on track with them, and they really look fine. When it's incorporated into the liveries it can look ok. I think it'll only look weird from the on board shots. I hope in the future that FOM are able to put cameras inside them, that would be brilliant.
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  • Codemasters Staff
Red bull's new car with a special livery for its launch.

I think the livery looks bad even if its just a launch livery.

I'm quite liking the lines of the Red Bull! Those side pods are SUPER slim as @onetwothree  mentioned! 

Added it to the OP :) 

More cars to follow tomorrow!
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  • Moderator
I wouldn't say I hate the liveries, but I do find myself disappointed, there's a strong feeling of 'what could've been'.

Especially with Sauber. They should use that dark red as the main colour rather than white.
Renault is ok, worse than last year though, not enough yellow on the sides.
Red Bull is sexaaay, but shame it's not going to be the full season one.
Williams and Haas are boring too, especially Haas.

I just hope McLaren, Ferrari and Force India release some knock out designs. They could be oh so good.
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It's not that I hate the liveries, I'm just so bored of them. Red Bull's is cool, but it's just for show, they'll go back to their classic one, which I'm sick of. The rest are just bland and uninspiring. I thought Alfa would have had some unique Italian flare but nope. 

Ferrari will be the same as it always is. Merc and McLaren will just be slightly different than last years.

Maybe Force India will do something new, the pink was new at least. 
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The MCL33 is a great car for sure and i bsolutely love the fact that the car has got a full orange finish this time, but overall the cars livery also looks bland and simply put dull in certain aspects, almost like a "25 cent toy car" to reference a ol' bud of mine.

If the sides had some sponsors (at least the McLaren Renault tag) or some blue design (like some stripes / geometric figures / grid mesh etc.) or even better the drivers names on it (e.g. Stoffel / Fernando, like back in the good ol' days of David / Mika), it'd have looked much better imho.

Other than that i most definitely hope Honda will be the 2nd or 3rd best engine this year..... 

PS: Yes, i know that McLaren is powered by Renault now and yes, i'm an evil bastard.

PPS: Ferrari is looking to be the real deal this time #ForzaFerrari

PPPS: Force Indias livery, ♥♥♥
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The Ferrari look mean. The side pod ducting look interesting and that turning vane is massive. The livery is lame, I liked the White from last year, and the engine cover desperately needs a sponsor logo.  Hopefully it's good. Merc doesn't look like a big change, but they've got enough of a lead they don't need it. I know it's cliche for Ferrari fans but "maybe this year!"

I like the McLaren papaya livery. The car looks okay. To be honest it looks very much like a 2017 car though, so that's gotta be a concern for Alonso. 
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The McLaren car was really good last year. It was Honda who let the team down. So if there car is as good as McLaren says it is, I think they will improve just on engine power alone. To back up what they say they better preform or the whole fight with Honda will just be an embarrassment.
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MBKF1 said:
Someone posted this edit on Reddit earlier, the new Ferrari with black wings. NSFW.

This is what the Ferrari should look like. This looks MEAN.
The black wings are cool. I do like how the whole car is red. I think an all red car is cool. For me you don't need a ton of stuff all over the car. I like the simple red color. As for the blank spot on the engine cover, I think that is where the Scuderia Ferrari logo goes. Overall the car looks super exciting.
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