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F1 2018 Cars So Far


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They aren't though, you can clearly still see them, they aren't as high but they are still there. It's an improvement, but I was under the impression nothing would be in that area. Currently I have more love for Indy and endurance racing, which is something I thought I'd never say. 
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Hey Guys,

Thought I'd open a thread about the revealing of the 2018 cars. Feel free to add pictures etc! 

Here's the ones we know so far:

Haas VF-18

Williams Mercedes FW41

RedBull RB14

Full Livery:

Sauber C37

Renault R.S.18

Mercedes-AMG F1 W09

Ferrari SF71H

McLaren MCL33

Toro Rosso STR13

Force India VJM11

F1 Car Launch Dates 2018

HaasFebruary 14Check mark symbol
WilliamsFebruary 15Check mark symbol
Red BullFebruary 19Check mark symbol
RenaultFebruary 20Check mark symbol
SauberFebruary 20Check mark symbol
MercedesFebruary 22Check mark symbol
FerrariFebruary 22Check mark symbol
McLarenFebruary 23Check mark symbol
Toro RossoFebruary 26Check mark symbol
Force IndiaTesting Check mark symbol
Morning Gang,

I've added all the cars to the OP now :) 
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