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[PC] German Racing League is searching for new members!

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Hello guys!, We´re searching for new GERMAN speaking members for our F1 2017 Series. We started our "GF1L" project last year as a F1 Series with 20 members and now we´re 15 drivers in every Race.So you can join us either as a "Fulltime"-driver or as a reserve-driver. If we get to 20 drivers we´re also searching for new commentators for livestreams.

We´re offering you some things for you,to join our League like 1. A Forum where you can Discuss everything with everybody: http://gf1l.boards.net/

2.Some friendly and fair driving guys who just want to race and have some adrenaline. We know each other already over a year so we wont fall apart!

3.A Discord: https://discord.gg/vNBxX8g

We´re already Midseason,but we dont have a tracklist for you guys because we "draw" them on each racing day.

Here are our standings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kP6d8VTWY3meJIQfBjjKItW3oSMY5QZs5vT7isYTCXI/edit?usp=sharing

Training 30Mins

Full qualifying

Race length: 50%

Start: At Friday 7.30PM

We have some Setup regulations,because we talked about it our League, You´re just allowed to adjust the Wings,Brake pressure for people WITH Abs 80% Brake distribution however you want and the weight distribution however you want.

But if you have everything feel free to join us.!! Just look at our forum. Register->Click on Neuzugang-> Wir suchen neue Mitfahrer.​

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