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The following is a FAQ originally posted by Aaron Rook on Codemasters Blog.

However, feel free to use this thread to ask any questions you may have.

ONRUSH will be blasting its way onto PC at a later date. We’ll keep you all updated with more information in the near future!

YES, ONRUSH is available on Xbox! A digital pre-order link will be available soon. In the meantime click HERE to pre-order a physical copy.

As mentioned above you can now pre-order a physical copy of ONRUSH!

Click HERE for Xbox
Click HERE for PlayStation

OR speak to your local retailer

We have A LOT of gameplay footage that we’re desperate to show you in the coming months!

But as of right now all we can say is ‘good things come to those who wait!’

Full technical details will be revealed at a later date, but rest assured we’ll be making full use of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Tombstones and Crashtags will be a key aspect of your ONRUSH experience and anyone who pre-orders the Deluxe Edition will get exclusive versions of them both…

BUT WHAT ARE THEY, AARON!? I hear you cry. All will be revealed very soon! Let’s just say they’re SMASHING!

We would absolutely LOVE to include split-screen. Couch co-op is something we all ADORE, but with our ambitious timeline before release it’s not something we’ve been able to do, unfortunately. We are, however, 100% focused on making ONRUSH the most exhilarating online multiplayer experience possible! That we’re sure you’ll all love.

We are all BIG fans of the Nintendo Switch – in fact, most of the guys here spend their lunchtimes collecting moons! But, right now, bringing ONRUSH to the Switch is not something we’ve looked at in too much depth. ONRUSH is a fast, chaotic, adrenaline filled arcade racer and we wanted to focus on bringing that madness into your living room via Xbox and PlayStation.

ONRUSH will not have steering wheel support at launch. However, it’s something we may look into post-launch based upon your feedback.

ONRUSH is all about speed, verticality and over-the-top takedowns. All of which just wouldn’t work in VR, unfortunately – unless you like feeling sick! However, if you REALLY want to experience ONRUSH in VR, we suggest you sit inside your washing machine during a cycle!

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Wheel support is an absolute must! Please, please, please make this a priority. I cannot purchase a racing game without wheel support, and I’d very much like to play this game.
I understand what you mean. There are certain games where I simply can not do without a wheel. But on the other hand, there's also certain games where I'd much rather use the controller. Mainly arcades. ONRUSH is not focused on simulation, so wheel support is not a priority right now. But that doesn't mean is completely ruled out yet.

The game is optimized for controllers and I'm sure you'll have fun playing it this way. :)
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Thanks for the quick reply DekoWolf. You're speaking my language. While I do enjoy sim racing from time to time, arcade racing is where its at for me and this is exactly what drew me to ONRUSH. Here's hoping to it's success... and subsequent wheel support (Thrustmaster TX Leather edition - please!).  ;)
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Back in the days, FUEL didn't had Wheel support. That was a BIG mistake... So don't make that mistake twice; ONRUSH needs mandatory wheel support... People who only have experienced playing race games with a controller don't know how much pleasure they are missing... So. please:
CONSOLE Wheel support, H-Shifter, full pedal support (Throttle, Brake, Clutch) AND (Fanatec) Handbrake!
ONRUSH wheel support Quality: what you guys used for DIRT 2 - that would be very nice!

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