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A new player-custom game

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Hey Codies. I think it's time for a new game. F1 is great and all (same as GRID), but do we need another? I believe this game would be successful due to player-customisation as for the following:
-you can switch and change categories as much as you like
-there would be many modes
-you can custom make cars, tracks, career mode rules, driver ratings, teams

You may possibly be thinking, how the heck to we get all this licensing? The thing is, you don't. In this game you can make a community section (much like Ashes cricket) where players can create tracks, cars, series' and many more (such as drivers). If I want to race F1, I can simply download the highest rated F1 series creation and I could race it in career mode or in a split-screen race (please add that if anything). Career mode could be easy to make. You would need to create a folder for each race per year (maybe start from 10 years ago to now) and add all the cars and driver rating (and these driver ratings could change per year). 

There would be many ins and outs that need to be sorted (of which I would be happy to help), but not only would players be able to race as whoever they want in any car they want at whatever track they want - they could keep on playing the game for the next 100 years as they could download whatever they want from community. 

Cheers, Bailoi.

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