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Interested in league racing (on ps4)? We still have seats available, classic cars and/or 2017 cars.

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European Racing League (ERL) still has seats available for both the classic cars season and the 2017 cars season.
Classic cars season is likely to be on Saturdays at 2.30pm GMT, 2017 cars season will be on Fridays at 6pm GMT. The new seasons will start from 16 March.
If you are interested then please contact one of the following guys on psn:

Don't be afraid if you think you are slow because there are 3 tiers for the 2017 cars season, all ranked for their speed. New drivers will be placed in tier 3 (Friday 6pm as I said), if you are too fast you can be promoted to a higher tier. All assists are allowed except for the pit assist. All races are also live-streamed and commentated.

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Hey DayvJonez have you contacted one of the guys on psn? They will help you and handle everything

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