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Problem when I'm going to install the game (PC version)

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Hello¡, firstable sorry for my english ( I'm from Spain)
Well, now I was trying to introduce the Steam Code and I don't know what is wrong but I tryed around 10 times but I ca't install the game because my code doesn't work or something . My steam code has to "b" letters in small letter ¿What is the problem? 
For another time sorry for my english level :s
Now I can't install the game...I tryed many times and steam will not let me right now  :'(
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Hughesy said:
There's nothing we can do, go to where you got it from and tell them what's wrong ;) You sure it wasn't bought from a scam site?  Don't apologies, you speak better English compared to a lot of English people here :p
I bought the game in my local game shop
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Alon78 said:
Is it in a mail or you have it hand written?
If it's in a mail, try to copy and paste it.
If it's hand written there is a good chance of a wrong character.
Hand written but I check the code many times and I tryed with diferents lettter or siilar combinations but nothing change
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