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Dirt 4 crashes when going into Team Branding.


I cannot put a team together - or use a purchased vehicle -as the game crashes every time I try to enter the Team Branding mode. I can only progress so far using "rented" vehicles.
Access violation at address 0x20c222bf in module 'dirt4.exe' + 0xe222bf.
-<CrashRpt version="1404">

<AppName>DiRT 4</AppName>
<ImageName>G:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DiRT 4\dirt4.exe</ImageName>
<OperatingSystem>Windows 10 Pro Build 16299</OperatingSystem>
<ExceptionModule>G:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DiRT 4\dirt4.exe</ExceptionModule>

<Prop value="" name="career_description"/>
<Prop value="none" name="career_type"/>
<Prop value="0x1c03" name="device_id"/>
<Prop value="branding" name="game_mode_type"/>
<Prop value="55" name="game_status"/>
<Prop value="NVIDIA 39065, r390_63" name="graphics_driver_version"/>
<Prop value="Race" name="location"/>
<Prop value="8768779" name="node_path_id"/>
<Prop value="61131646" name="node_path_previous_id"/>
<Prop value="branding" name="race_type"/>
<Prop value="76561197972453817" name="steam_id"/>
<Prop value="[midday, clear, 04]" name="track_lighting"/>
<Prop value="twin_peaks" name="track_name"/>
<Prop value="route_2" name="track_route"/>
<Prop value="[Rain=0.00, Snow=0.00, Fog=0.00, Scattering=0.00, Cloud=0.00]" name="track_weather"/>
<Prop value="ERROR" name="vehicle_id"/>

<FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump"/>
<FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML"/>

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Have you verified the integrity of the files?  We had this occur on one PC when testing and that solved the problem.

Right click the game in your library, Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files

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