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T300rs - Can't handling in multi - Dirt4



I'm angry about dirt4 online, i explain :
First of all, i get a rig, T300+TH8A+ Playseat Evolution
Play on Playstation4

I finished almost all the race without any probleme, no assist.
Now i want to play online to expand the experience but i have never finished a race and it made me very mad everytime. I was thinking that i was just poor. So i get offline to test if my gear was badly set. I get all curve like a boss at full speed, full grip. Car upgrade to A. Golf polo.
 Now return online. Same track, same car, same setting, no assit, simulation, suny day, everything's same! Start full speed, first curve brake and instantly wreck in the wall... Return to the track get second curve and go dirrect in the wall.
Angry, i quit to return offline... Same setting and all. I get finished at full speed 1 position.

What's wrong with the multiplayer mode???
I search everywhere, any forum but i found nothing at all, is it just me? No answer anywhere...
I'm so bored that i don't play anymore with my 2000$ rig. I don't think it's the rig the problem cause in single player , all is fine.

Please help me to fall in love again with this game. I'm so bored.


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