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Damages and other enhancements not corrected

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Hi all, hi CM,

I'm disappointed to see that damages ratios haven't been corrected in this F1 2014. I'm forced to edit loose_part_settings.xml file to increase damage ratio. Then, I have to backup the file to play online.

What are you waiting for, CM ?
NOTHING that the players claimed has been brought to F1 2014.

Will you correct this or won't you ? As I can be sure I won't buy any F1 games in the future if the answer is NO.

This topic also concerns
- 3 practice sessions back
- False starts
- Formation laps
- Non-cheated AI
- More pertinent engineer
- Improved replays :
    - Race comments
    - Realistic TV cams
    - Ability to switch from a car to another
- Realistic physics (cars can't flip upside down like Gutierrez this year)
- Manual pit stop
-Configurable FOV

Thanks a lot if you consider this message. I mean, if you REALLY consider the requests ALL THE PLAYERS make since F1 2010.
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Damage is limited due to FIA and the limitations they put on the developers about how much damage they are allowed to simulate on their cars.

Like you I also use a different loose_part_settings xml file and it's not a big issue having to change it up to the original files to play online.

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Well, when you keep seeing the same problems year after year but you STILL buy it every year, what incentive do they have to improve it? 

The ONLY thing that will get their attention and force them to sit up and fix the game is for us not to buy it.  I am doing my part, I bought F1 2011/12/13 but enough is enough.  I am boycotting this one.

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I know exactly how you feel
theres a German proverb that says "Hope is The Last Thing to die...but it will die (in The end)
but the reason we keep buying it , is the Kicks you do get out of the game. 
Just recently i finished a Race in the rain and i was Adrenalin shaken afterwards.... And i think not bad for the Money  despite all These bugs that really Drive one up the Wall. But the Game is fun....just think about the good times you had with it....(it sometimes Feels like thinking about old girlfriends.... Not everything was Bad...you have to remind Yourself of the good times too)
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