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Supreme Racing League - LOOKING FOR COMMENTATORS! - EU, American & Asia-Pacific Leagues (PS4 & XB1)

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SRL Admin Application - Commentation

After 5 successful seasons of SRL, we are excited to open sign-ups for the next chapter in the SRL F1 Leagues. With the second season of the game cycle around the corner, it's time to prepare for another eventful season of twists and turns, where the next champions will be crowned. In order to for that to happen, we want commentators to provide the action off track with Live Coverages on our YouTube & Twitch channels, and that is where you have a chance of your voice being heard in front of viewers from around the world. 

The F1 Leagues that you can sign up for as a Commentator are as following:

  • XB1 F1 - Fridays, 19:00pm GMT
  • XB1 F2 - Thursdays, 19:00pm GMT
  • XB1 F1 APAC - Fridays, 20:00pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
  • XB1 F1 America - Sundays, 20:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
  • PS4 F1 - Fridays, 20:30pm GMT

League Rules and Race Calendar can be found on the following links:

Signing up means you have read the above, and agree to abide by league rules, and you will be able to attend the majority of races for the season at the specified time.

Please respond to this thread with the following:

  • Platform & Gamertag/PSN
    • Pleae state what platform you are on (XB1 or PS4), and your Gamertag/PSN
  • Nationality
    • Please state your nationality here
  • Preference of league to commentate on
    • Pleae state what league you want to commentate on out of the following that was mentioned above. We recommend to commentate over the same timezone/region as where you live but it is not mandatory
  • Confirmation that you can attend every race
    • If not, which can you not attend (if you can specify). If more than three, we'd recommend signing up to be a reserve commentator
  • Experience
    • If you have any commentator experience from previous leagues, please state them and give examples with videos/streams!
  • Twitter handle/username
    • This is optional but is used as the social media platform of choice for our community
  • Streaming
    • Please state if you can stream races on HD quality with no issues on either YouTube or Twitch
  • Why should we pick you?
    • Please state why it would be good to have you as a commentator and what kind of role you would prefer (Expert commentator e.g.)

Use this template:

● Platform & Gamertag/PSN:

● Nationality:

● Have you read and understood the SRL Rules? 

● Preference of league to commentate on:

● Confirmation of attendance:

● Do you have any commentator experience:

● What is your Twitter handle?

● Can you stream races on HD quality with no issues on either YouTube or Twitch?

● Reason to have you as commentator:

Thanks and we look forward to see most of you in #SRLSeason6!

- Kahmundo & SRL admin team

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