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How do I get a Undergraduate Placement in a VIDEO GAMES company??

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Hi to you all. I am getting a bit lost trying to get a student work placement, so I can complete my 3rd year at University as a Game Enterprise Student. I am 19 years old and should get a 2.1 degree with hons. My University don't get your placement for you. I have sent emails to various game studio companies and not heard anything. I know most companies work with set Universities, which makes it worse for me. I am interested in Level Design and assets. I am very good and have a passion for games since being a young age.  I live in Lancashire and can travel to any areas in Lancashire and  I can also do areas in Stockport, Cheshire. If anybody on here has any ideas that will help me get a 6 week placement or 1 day a week placement for my 3rd year starting SEPT 18. Please let me know. I will be very grateful. Thank you 

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