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Micromachines Feedback For the Possible Sequel.

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Dear Codemasters,

 Seeing as this is a long running series that you like to come back to now and again I have some small feedback. Feel free to use it or ignore it. I own a copy of steam edition of the newest game and I played so much of the mobile game that I almost have all the cars unlocked. I know you wanted both the pc and mobile ports to be different (different vehicles and so on) I don't mind that so much as I liked all the different vehicles from game to game but the controls on pc made me play it a lot less while the controls on the mobile made me play it more. I will say that what kept me playing the app the most was probably the vehicles you could unlock at some point.
One thing I'd love to see improved on if you make a sequel (and we know from history you very likely to do this) would be the ability to preview all the cars on all tiers like you can on pc. That would have made me twice as likely to push harder if I could look at the cars that are to be unlocked with time and or money. G.I. Joe was a selling point for me on both versions of the game. But now that you've done it might I suggest other properties for the sequel...M.A.S.K. has been renewwed by hasbro and to see the old toys turned into micormachines would be fantastic. or the 1980's teenage mutant ninja turtles turtles van would be fantastic to say the least.

 Or, and this I know may be hard just due to lisence, do an all out edition where each teir is maybe a different property pitted against one another maybe cartoons v other cartoons or cartoons v 80's movies. There are so many places you could go with this idea and a lot of it is already lsicensed by hasbro so you'd have only one company to go to. 

So that is my major feedback. I enjoyed my time with the games more then I didn't and I would hope to see a return to this but with a new 80's property or maybe with many properties in one title. I am an 80's kid so this means a lot to see the old toys again. Thank you for your time and the app especially. I had a lot of fun with it.

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