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Parc Ferme - Changing condition


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Q1 was dry, Q2 wet, Q3 wet, race wet. I can't change the setup. FIA regulations say that it's allowed to change the setup if the conditions are changing. This bug was already in F1 2013. It's impossible that codies are not aware of that.
This is the worst game series ever. In fifa the menu gets a new layout and the bugs get eliminated. F1 has the same bugs every year. And don't say that it's impossible to change that. I understand that the AI in the first lap is hard to do... whatever... but this parc ferme bug should be no problem to solve. 
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are you sure? on the official f1 webspace I read this:

"The only exception to this is when there is a "change in climatic conditions", for example a dry qualifying session followed by a wet race, or vice versa. In this case the FIA will give the teams permission to make further appropriate changes to their cars."

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