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Completing Installation...1% Problem

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I downloaded F1 2014 with no problems.

I click "PLAY" and a small windown shows saying "Completing Installation...1%"

It does not move from 1% and then i get an error.

"Steam -Error

Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for F1 2014.. Error code 55."

I do not have Avast or Macfee.

Steam is up to date, Windows and all drivers are up to date.

Uninstalled F1 2014 and re-downloaded again, Clicked "PLAY"..

Same problem.

Any ideas great minds?

First steam game that has done this to me.

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same problem here, but it calls error 44. anytimes i hang in a restartloop from steam, not F1. it starts never. in offlinemode same ... no start-startloop-error #44

Edit: its since WIN 8.1 x64 Updates from 12.11.14

it patches .Net Frameworks, securityupdates of Flash player and any other Updates for Win self.
Updaterollback not work.
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Hi there, just had this problem and tried lots of workarounds (restarts, verify cache etc), seems to be a problem not specific to F1 on Steam. Before you try more exteme things like re-downloading or removing Steam, the fix for me was to try to run it in Big Picture mode. Once you run it once like that it runs fine from the normal Steam client.

Hope this helps!
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