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F1 2014 Crossfire perfomance problem


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In benchmark UltraSetting Triple Screen
Crossfire R9 280x gigabyte 
<average av_fps_ms="19.357428" min_fps_ms="25.584635" av_fps="51.659756" min_fps="39.085960"/>
Single card
<average av_fps_ms="13.205600" min_fps_ms="17.259420" av_fps="75.725449" min_fps="57.939373"/>

Ultra Settings, TripleScreen, max antialiasing 
<average av_fps_ms="17.864445" min_fps_ms="26.427511" av_fps="55.977108" min_fps="37.839355"/>
Single Card
<average av_fps_ms="14.351648" min_fps_ms="18.557802" av_fps="69.678406" min_fps="53.885693"/>

Driver Packaging Version 14.301.1001-140915a-176154C
Catalyst Version 14.9
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