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G29 Wheels, PS4 and In City Driving Simulator Game


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lon00112 said:
Hi All
I would like to know what is one of the best games for In city Car Driving Simulator I should purchase. The plan is to get practice and help to learn to drive before starting driving lessons.
Thank you.

sadly as long as I’m aware there isn’t a sim game in city for PS4.The closest game you can choose up to date is The Crew,but it is more of an arcade racer.You can free roam in cities,but that’s it.Curently GT Sport has a very in-depth driving school but it is track orientated.Project Cars 2 is a great game,but again focused on track races.Another game with great physics is Asseto Corsa.There is Crew 2 coming soon and there is a open beta available to download.Probably go to GT Sport,because of the driving school.
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