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Fuel, Brake Bias, Differential

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I'm relatively new to F1 2017 and to the forums. I'm having a hard time finding a comprehensive guide to how to use Fuel, Brake Bias and Differential settings while the race is on-going. I found bits and pieces of information here and there, but they only seem to confuse me even more. Is there anyone who can summarize or point me to resources that can clearly explain when to use one over the other, in what situation and a general guideline to those three main settings that one can tinker with in real time during the race. 

I apologize in advance if there are posts relating to this, I did a search but couldn't find a clearly laid out answer for any.



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Brake bias you will tend to have anywhere between 51-54%. That will change with tire wear or weather conditions. If you feel to be locking the rears, so the car is drifting a bit you need to make the number higher (move the bias forward), or if you seem to be locking the fronts and this will be more obvious because there will be a plume of smoke rising from your tires, and that means you need to make the number lower (move the bias rearward).

Differential won't change much, unless the weather changes and then in that case you may feel the need to lock it a bit more.

Fuel mixes you want to change alot for the most part. Some drivers epically split 1 drivers will put the most fuel in possibly and run rich for the whole race, however it only works cause everyone does it and they're all aliens. So what you will want to do is simply approaching a corner just stick it into lean mix, now that's the easy part. After this it's your judgement to whether you put it up into rich or standard and this can depend on multiple parameters. Usually being: Cars around, track condition, tire condition, straight length. 

I hope this has helped atleast a little bit :)

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