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Drag - Wheelie & Perfect Tune Request

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No "perfect tunes" exist. I can get the Hot Rod to do wheelies. But that is the only other car I have found. 

To wheelie the Hot Rod: Lock the diff, max the Ride Height, max the downforce. Rear suspension all the way soft, and the front maximum stiffness.
Only the Hot rods? No Other cars? What if you upgrade them?
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expendble said:
Only the Hot rods? No Other cars? What if you upgrade them?
It's highly improbable or nearly impossible to achieve a wheelie with a 'normal' race car.
A simple explanation of the needed acceleration to do a wheelie is
a = g*b/h (where g = gravity, b = hor. distance from the center of mass to the rear wheels and h = hight of the center of mass)

Let's say our usual racecar has a length of 4,2m, a weight distribution of 40:60 (b ~1,3m) and a CoM height of h = 0,5m.
That equals to a = 25m/s² needed to do a wheelie.

Now to the usual accelearation of a race car. Let's be optimistic and say it is 2s flat from 0-100km/h. (I know no 'car', not dragster, that has achieved that)
a=v/t -> a= 27,78m/s / 2s = 14m/s²

Now, you see that giant gap in possible acceleration and needed acceleration. A dragster can achieve 0-100 in about 0,7s if I'm right, what would give us a=39,7m/s², enough to make it possible. There are surely more things to consider, but if even the needed accel. is way off, it's impossible.

To make it short... except for the hot rod and the funny cars you can't do a wheelie with any other car. :D 
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Thats some good s'plaining there @photonik and I even understand it!! Btw I spent a good bit of time earlier today trying to get the Funny Car and/Hot Rod to run a full 1/4 mile race on the back wheels only. But I could not just get it there without wrecking or fouling out.
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